La Dora Wrislet

This is the first time i got an opportunity to test the La Dora Wrislet by Whitmoyer Creations. I was so excited when i got to know that i am one of the testers for this pattern. Immediately i started to grab all the stuff required to complete it.I got all that was required for testing as it was just with two fat quarters .


Usually when we try to go for shopping we just try to grab our wallets,phone ,handbags and stuff which we might or might not require all of them for shopping .

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I have a lot of stuff from old bills,cash, biscuits for my boy,s my make up stuff … so much :)But this wrislet ,u just have to grab  and go  .It holds your phone,your  cash and cards…Tadaaaa..what else do we require for a quick grab.I couldn’t resist myself so made 3 of them and am also planning to make some more for my friends .


This pattern has

  • Has one cash pocket and 2 Vertical Card slots.
  • One zippered pocket to keep your mobile or anything that has to be zipped 🙂

The Finished Size of the Wrislet is

  • Finished Size of wristlet is 7 inches wide X 4 1/2 inches High.

If you would like to give it a try,you can shop this pattern in Crafsty at the link below

LaDora Wrislet  in Craftsy

Edited La Dora

DSC_0903 edited

Waiting for my next pattern to be done for Whitmoyer Creations;)

Happy Sewing  🙂

Have a lovely weekend !!!!!


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