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An MBA graduate and a busy mom of two boys am passionate about of Arts, crafts and Sewing. I just love to spend my time creating things possible enough to create by myself and fill this space of mine handmade :).Hardly I get time but then my passion for it keeps me going and I feel happy and accomplished .I love to learn,explore all the arenas be it sewing or crafts.

Chloe Bag Pattern

New Pattern release by Shamballa Bag Patterns

Being a part of the tester group for Shamballa is absolute pleasure.I always adore the way her patterns are written and designed . You get to make professional looking bags at the ease of wonderfully written instructions .

So if you are looking to make bags like me do check out her website

Now about the Pattern Chloe bag pattern .

Highlights :

  • Piping feature that adds beauty and elegance to the bag
  • The tongue lock feature
  • Options to use wide variety of harware to make the bag look adorable

My Chloe:

Fabric Used :Tula pink Eden (mosaic)

Faux leather : My stash

Hardware: Hobby lobby and Ning bags

Wooden Tags :Wearhouseindustries on Etsy

Now to bombard with my chloe …

Style of the bag : Cross body as well as a Handbag style

Options: Adjustable cross body

Used: Hidden Strap connectors Riveted

Features inside the bag: Zipper pocket and a two slip pockets

Improvisation:Edge coating can be done on the raw edges of the vinyl

Where to buy :

ENGLISH VERSION:…/pattern-chloe-bag-english-v…

VERSION IN FRANCAISE:…/patron-sac-chloe-version-fr…

Photo gallery of Testers:

I hope you guys had the pleasure to see my chloe . Do let me know if you liked my bag in the comments .Thank you so much for reading !

See you in the next post 😍😍😍


Manju Boopathiraj

Mini Backpack

Late post ❤️
A mini version of the backpack for a Paw Patrol fan.Made for a friend’s grandson🧵
2 side zipper pockets
Main zipper compartment and an
Adjustable starp

Fabric theme : Paw patrol

Handmade by me 🎒
Love gifting for kids 🎁

See you all in my next post 🙂


Manju boopathiraj