Saddle Bag and a Mini Wallet

This particular set I got to do for my Younger son’s Preschool Teacher .Though its just 4 months he spent with her, its not a single day my son asks and talks about her .A very kind-hearted ,understanding person.I just adore the way she handled my son turning him from being naughty to being patiently hear whatever we say and answer us back.

Hardly,he could speak a few words when he started his class with her.Gradually his skills got developed and now we find it very difficult to stop him from talking :)So when I was thinking about gifting something for this Special person I planned to make a saddle bag and a mini wallet .Here you go with the pictures ..

The Set Sandra and mini

The Bags front view .It opens up with a magnetic snap Sandra 2

The Side view of the bag with the vinyl straps and accents .I used rivets to secure them in place along with an adjustable strap. Sandra 2-1

The Mini wallet with a magnetic snap closureMini 1

With zipper pocket and 12 card slots secured with rivetsMini 2

The box yet to be packed..Sandra 2-2Sandra 2-3

She just loved the gift, when my son just opened it for her … Wonderful memories to carry forward.Though he would miss her badly as he is moving up to the next class she has left remarkable footsteps in our lives..(Thank u Teacher )that is how my son says ..


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