This is the first  Backpack I ever made.Got to learn a lot of new thing on the structure of the bag .This Backpack has

  • A magnetic closure on the front
  • Two Slip pockets on the interior
  • An adjustable Strap
  • A pocket on the side panel
  • A zipper pocket on the back of the bag

The Fabric was from Joann’s themed Batman .

DSC_1162EditedDSC_1163 editedDSC_1164DSC_1166DSC_1168DSC_1169DSC_1170DSC_1176DSC_1178

Doesnt it look cool:)

My elder son enjoys wearing this can easily accommodate some story books ,water can ,pens,pencil and snacks…A good one to carry on for kids on vacation .

My next try would be way better than this one…




















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