Month: February 2017

The Doctor Bag

This bag was my last project for the year 2016.I adore the whole structure of the bag.The exterior Fabric is a Canvas and the Vinyl accents are glitter brown.Awww…I love those charms I tried to add to the Zipper for the interior of the bag.

It has a zippered pocket to the lining along with two open pockets and a pen holder.

Nora edited.jpg

This was the first time I got to try those Twist locks. Aren’t they Gorgeous.It was so easy to install them .noranora1

Backside View nora5

The light was so perfect for me to get the pictures I wanted and its usually at the front of my house.nora-4

The Inside of the Bag nora3

Flap Closure nora

I tried to make a  clutch wallet for this Doctor  bag and you can click here to have a look at The Wallet.This bag found its new home 🙂

Have a wonderful day !!!

Handbag !!!

Its been quite a long time since I posted .I had to enroll my younger son in school and to make him get used to schedule and routine. I had to spend lot of time with him.  I had about 15-20 min to spend my time for sewing and it took almost a month for me to finish her and the mini wallet .I am in love with this girl and how she looks .


Close-up shot of my Annette.Today Chandler’s climate was 70F and I was able to get some good pictures .


The antique brass colored rivets and bag feet was a perfect go .I usually stick on silver and was much hesitant to try out.I am glad i did 🙂



I would love to make more Annette’s in future.I have planned for one of my sewing friends and will keep u guys posted on that . Lynn,my sewing friend gave me a whole lot of fabrics and I used them for this beauty.Neither it was a cotton that frays or vinyl as it is usually  thick.It was so soft and fluffy and did not fray .Loved the fabric.Thank u dear Lynn!!!My domestic had a hard time finishing the final layers but then I finally finished her .

Isn’t she adorable?